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Art. It is a word with many meanings. The music of a symphony, the work of painters and sculptors – all are examples of culture and artistry. We believe that dentistry is also an art form, What is more beautiful than the lovely smile celebrated by artists down through the ages. At Southshore Dental, we have created a dental practice dedicated to making your smile as beautiful as possible with the help of cosmetic dentistry. Through the use of computer imaging, we can let you see what we can do to make your smile more attractive. All porcelain crowns, ceramic veneers, and tooth whitening are all cosmetic services offered that can all help change your smile to one that makes you look more attractive and confident.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental Veneers riverview mi

Porcelain veneers are routinely used to cover teeth which are discolored, worn, chipped, or misaligned. Porcelain veneers, often alternatively termed dental veneers or dental porcelain laminates, are wafer-thin shells of porcelain which are bonded onto the front side of teeth in order to cosmetically improve their appearance. Typically veneers are difficult to stain, making veneers a very popular solution for many people seeking that perfect smile. Strong and very durable, veneers last from ten to fifteen years, and come in colors that will brighten dark teeth without the worry of them changing color.

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Dental Bonding

Dental BondingComposite bonding can work wonders for your smile. Using materials that match the shade, translucency and the texture of your teeth, gaps between teeth can be closed, spots and discolorations can be eliminated, and your self-confidence can be enhanced through the improved appearance of your smile. Composite bonding is excellent for small defects in the teeth -- spots, chips, or gaps between teeth. For smile alterations involving an entire tooth or multiple teeth, porcelain is the material of choice. Bonding for teeth involves the use of composite resin tooth-colored filling material. This material can be used on the anterior (front) teeth or posterior (back) teeth. The procedure is sometimes referred to as bonding is because an adhesive agent is used to actually bond the resin to the tooth structure.

Tooth-colored fillings and inlays

Tooth-colored fillings and inlays replace the gold and silver of the past with natural looking materials.

In the 1970's, "white fillings" came into common use. These "tooth-colored fillings" were made of a plastic dental resin filled with microscopic filler particles and were called composites. When dental composites were first introduced, they could only be used in the front teeth, because they weren't strong enough to withstand the chewing pressure of the back teeth (in excess of 40,000 pounds per square inch).

The composites of today have been vastly improved over the ones developed nearly forty years ago. They are strong, durable, and attractive. In 1999, the American Dental Association gave white fillings its seal of approval and now many insurance plans cover their use.

All Ceramic Crowns

It might come as a surprise, but “all-ceramic” crowns or “caps”, have been around for most of the past century. These restorations have no metal and are totally made of ceramic glass sometimes strengthened with a translucent material such as zirconium. They have always been a highly desirable cosmetic solution for front teeth even without the availability of modern bonding.

Incorporating bonding with all-ceramic crowns can have the strength and beauty of unblemished natural teeth. Today teeth that have too much damage to be corrected with fillings or veneers can still be made white and natural with all ceramic crowns.

Ceramic Crowns

Some advantages of porcelain crowns are:

  • Porcelain crowns are extremely durable
  • Excellent choice for restoring severely fractured teeth, heavily worn teeth and for replacing old crowns
  • Highly resistant to stain or color change
  • No black line at the gum line

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