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February 19, 2014
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Stained and discolored teeth can alter your overall appearance and make you look older.  Many different factors can contribute to dull smiles, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do to prevent the change in color of your teeth.
Want to restore your unsightly teeth and boost your confidence?  There are numerous safe, healthy and effective tooth whitening treatments available to help you do just that. Whether you improve your basic at-home dental care or receive a professional whitening treatment from your dentist, there is definitely a procedure that is right for you.
Always speak with your dentist in Riverview first before applying any treatment on your teeth.  A dentist has the experience to help choose the best and most effective method for you.
Simple Whitening Tips from Your Dentist in Riverview, MI
Attaining whiter teeth starts with exceptional routine dental care- right from your home! This means brushing and flossing every day to prevent plaque build up and tooth decay. Try brushing with a fluoride whitening toothpaste for a whiter smile.  Remember to visit your dentist for routine cleanings and check ups to ensure your teeth are healthy and clean as well.
Certain foods, beverages and habits, such as smoking and coffee, can also lead to discolored teeth and should be avoided.  Doing so can help prevent additional staining and prolong the effects of your whitening efforts.
Take Home Whitening Trays
When regular brushing and flossing isn’t bringing you the white smile you desire, ask your whiteningdentist about bleaching kits, a whitening treatment that can be applied from home.  Your dentist may custom-fit the trays for your mouth, which will ensure the whitening solution is applied to all surfaces of your teeth. 
Application is easy. Simply apply the recommended amount of whitening solution into your trays, and wear them on your teeth for the suggested amount of time.  This whitening treatment is generally an effective way to whiten discolored teeth over an extended period of time. Side effects can include gum sensitivity and should be discussed with your dentist.
Professional Whitening Procedures From Your Trenton Family Dentist
If you’re looking for quick, safe results, consider an in-office whitening treatment from your dentist. Various in-office treatments are available, so ask your dentist which treatments he offers as well as which procedure would be best for your teeth. Whitening procedures performed in a dentist office are usually quick. Plus, if your teeth are only mildly stained, you’ll probably only need one visit to notice stunning results.
Finally, if you’re looking for a dramatic makeover, ask your dentist about veneers.  These thin, custom-made laminates are a more invasive option for whitening and repairing your teeth. Plus, they last for several years and are highly stain resistant, which means you won’t have to worry about your white teeth quickly fading.
Achieving a whiter smile is possible.  And practicing good dental care combined with routine visits to your dentist is a great place to start.  Ask your dentist in Riverview about a whitening method that is suitable for your teeth and budget. At-home and in-office treatments can produce beautiful results, which means radiant teeth for a more confident you!


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