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July 02, 2019
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How teeth cleanings from your dentists in Trenton, MI, can keep your smile healthy

Did you know that brushing and flossing may not be enough to protect your smile? You also need to add regular teeth cleanings as part ofsmiles a comprehensive program to prevent gum disease and keep your smile healthy. The dentists at Southshore Dental in Trenton, MI, offer a full range of services including professional teeth cleanings to protect your smile.

The truth is, brushing and flossing regularly are vitally important, but they only remove the soft deposits, the plaque that clings to your teeth. There are also hard deposits, known as calculus, or tartar, which can form. These hard deposits create a rough surface on your tooth, which attracts plaque and makes it easy for plaque to cause damage.

During a professional cleaning, your dental hygienist, dentist, or periodontist will remove both the hard and soft deposits, reduce or eliminate the bad bacteria which causes damage, and smooth the surfaces of your teeth. Your teeth will be polished to remove stains and create a beautiful shine.

You should visit your dental care professional for a cleaning every 6 months, or every 3 to 4 months if you have gum or periodontal disease. You should also visit your dentist for a comprehensive dental examination including x-rays at least once each year. A professional cleaning is often scheduled along with the yearly dental examination.

Your dental care professionals can take care of dental issues while they are still small. By visiting your dental hygienist for a cleaning, and your dentist for a dental exam, you can prevent:

  • Healthy gums turning into gum disease
  • Gum disease turning into periodontal disease
  • Periodontal disease resulting in tooth loss
  • Healthy teeth turning into decayed teeth
  • Decayed teeth turning into the need for root canals
  • Decayed teeth resulting in tooth loss

Regular professional teeth cleanings are vital tool to keep your smile healthy. When your smile is healthy, it helps your body stay healthy too. To find out more about the importance of professional teeth cleanings, call the dentists at Southshore Dental in Trenton, MI, today!


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