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February 04, 2015
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DIAGNOdent Laser

Cavities have the potential to ruin your smile, discoloring your teeth and eating away at your dental health. Unfortunately, many cavities and other examples of tooth decay are sometimes difficult to spot, as they can take hold inside your tooth away from the naked eye.

While diagnosing cavities on your teeth's surface isn't hard to do, finding cavities closer to your teeth's core is harder - but moreDIAGNOdent Laser important - because without proper removal of the cavity, it can spread to neighboring tooth structures and damage the integrity of your teeth even further.

But at Southshore Dental, you'll find that even the most hidden examples of decay are no problem for the family dentists on site, as Mehul C. Patel, DDS, and his trusted staff make it their goal to clean up and clear out your teeth from any infected tissues or issue. One of their most recent and valued technologies for keeping your teeth healthy and absent of decay includes a small laser instrument known as the DIAGNOdent, which expertly surveys your teeth for any decay that's hidden from your teeth's outer surface.

This innovative new tool allows patients of all ages to rest assured that their mouth is getting the full service it needs each time they visit Southshore Dental, as finding and ridding instances of hidden decay in your mouth is paramount in keeping the decay from eating away at your tooth structure internally while you have no clue it's even happening.

While X-rays and dental probing oftentimes fail to detect early-stage decay from beneath your teeth's surface, the DIAGNOdent laser allows family dentists on site to find any problem areas underneath your teeth's visible enamel. After finding the cavity with the DIAGNOdent's stealth surveillance ability, your dentist can work to eradicate the cavity before it continues its destruction across your teeth.

For more information on the DIAGNOdent laser and how it can stop cavities in their tracks, give Dr. Patel or one of his trusted family dental associates a call today at (734) 219-6754 for full dental relief right here in Trenton!


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