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January 19, 2015
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Dental ImplantsDiscover all the ways in which dental implants can improve your oral health.

If you’re truly looking for a way to replace your missing teeth and give your smile a serious makeover, then you’ll want to consider how dental implants could benefit your oral health. Dental implants are the only tooth loss replacement solution that offers a myriad of unique benefits that other options don’t. Your Riverview dentist shares the best advantages you’ll receive when you get dental implants.

Preserve and protect the jawbone: One of the biggest advantages to getting dental implants is that you will also gain a healthier mouth. When you experience tooth loss the rest of your smile will begin to shift to accommodate the gap in your smile. This also means that you will begin to lose jawbone density, which will cause your face to shorten and appear sunken in. However, dental implants stop teeth from shifting position and also protect the jawbone, preserve your facial structure and help stimulate new bone cell development.

Regain self-confidence: Do you remember how easy it was to sit down to your favorite meal and enjoy it without having to worry about your teeth? Even dentures can make meal times a bit challenging, as they can slip around while you chew. If you want a replacement tooth that is going to make eating and talking as effortless as when you had a full smile, then dental implants in Riverview are ideal.

Increase your smile’s quality of life: Even if you are only missing one tooth the overall aesthetics of your smile takes a major hit. However, opting for a long-term solution like dental implants can give you a complete and natural smile that no one will be able to tell isn’t yours. You can speak more comfortably, chew easier and smile confidently when you have your dental implant.

Oral care stays the same: You don’t have to worry about treating your dental implant differently from the rest of your smile. In fact, you should treat it exactly as you would your natural teeth; however, you still need to maintain good oral health to ensure that your implants last. This means brushing at least twice a day (but ideally after every meal) and flossing daily.

If you want to find out whether you could benefit from getting dental implants, then schedule a consultation with your Riverview dentist. Let implants give you that perfect smile.


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