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June 28, 2018
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Tooth decay starts out as a tiny, often painless hole in a tooth called a cavity. Unfortunately, cavities are usually undetectable unless a root canaldentist notices them during a checkup. The symptoms of tooth decay start to appear as the cavity grows. If you’re having trouble with a tooth, know the signs that you may need a root canal and make time to see a dentist at Southshore Dental in Trenton, MI for a consultation.

What Is a Root Canal?
A root canal is an endodontic treatment that dentists use to rehabilitate decayed teeth. While some cases may require extraction, early stages of tooth decay can often be remedied this way. All diseased tissue inside of the tooth must be removed, then a special filling material replaces it. The final step is to put a permanent crown over the restored tooth for healing and protection.

Signs You Need This Treatment
It’s not always possible to wait for your 6-month checkup when there are signs of tooth decay. When you start to have these symptoms, call your Trenton, MI dentist immediately for an urgent appointment:

- Tooth pain or severe sensitivity.
- Reluctance or inability to chew on one side of the mouth.
- Bad odor from one tooth, or bad breath in general.
- Dark hole appearing on the enamel.
- One tooth shows signs of discoloration.
- Boils forming around the gumline may be an indication of an abscess that needs treatment.

Benefits of Early Treatment
Root canals have a higher effective rate when they are done at the first signs of decay. Some patients wait until the symptoms are unbearable and a dental emergency, but that is not the best course of action. See your dentist at the first sign of a problem. Early root canal treatment will also be faster and less complicated. 

Is a Root Canal in Your Future?
Don’t be afraid of getting a root canal if one of your teeth is showing signs of concern. Call Southshore Dental in Trenton, MI today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mehul Patel, Dr. Heba Abuhussein, or Dr. Lena Mustafa.


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