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October 01, 2018
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A dental crown can help your smile by strengthening and protecting a damaged tooth, as well as through improving the appearance of adental crowns tooth with cosmetic flaws. A crown can also restore normal function in a damaged tooth that was previously too weak or sensitive to bite and chew food. At South Shore Dental, Dr. Mehul Patel, Dr. Heba Abuhussein, and Dr. Lena Mustafa can personally advise you on the benefits of a crown and rejuvenate your smile. Before venturing to their Trenton, MI, office, however, read below to learn if a crown is right for you!

What is a Crown?

A crown is a cap placed over a problem tooth for the purpose of restoring, protecting, or improving the appearance of the tooth. Once the crown is placed over the tooth, the tooth will be completely encapsulated inside of it. A dental crown looks just like a natural tooth so it will blend right in with the surrounding teeth. Furthermore, many crowns are made from porcelain, which closely resembles the look of tooth enamel, creating the most natural appearance possible. Best of all, a crown also functions like a natural tooth and can be used to bite and chew foods normally.

Benefits of a Crown

A dental crown delivers several different benefits, which vary depending on the reason for its installation. A crown provides a weak or damaged tooth with a strong new outer shell to both protect it from further damage and restore normal function. A crown can also transform the appearance of a less than perfect tooth by concealing cosmetic concerns, such as discolorations or cracks. Your Trenton dentist can help you decide if a dental crown is the right choice for restoring and improving your tooth. Crown benefits include:

  • Concealing discolorations and stains
  • Protecting a damaged tooth
  • Strengthening a weak tooth
  • Protecting a chipped or cracked tooth
  • Restoring normal tooth functioning
  • Improving the shape of a misshaped tooth

A crown can help your smile in many ways, whether you need to strengthen, restore, and protect a damaged tooth, or simply wish to conceal a flawed tooth's imperfections. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Patel, Dr. Abuhussein, or Dr. Mustafa, call South Shore Dental's Trenton, MI, office at (734) 675-0585 today!


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