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  • Five Easy Ways to Prevent Gum Disease
    Gum disease can be painful and lead to missing teeth if you don’t treat it properly. However, there are plenty of things you can do to lower your risk of Read more
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: How to Change Your Smile
    Your smile can greatly affect your self-confidence. With modern cosmetic dentistry, you have many treatment options to choose from, regardless of budget. Your cosmetic dentist awaits at Southshore Dental bound Read more
  • Cold Comfort
    The sounds of the season are filling the air—falling leaves rustling along the sidewalk, football cheers, holiday greetings—and the coughs and sneezes of your fellow sufferers. Yes, it’s cold and Read more
  • Invisalign Important Things To Know Before You Go
    For most people, the thought of bearing the discomfort and unsightly appearance of wearing traditional braces can make them anxious and prevent them from straightening their crooked or misaligned teeth. Read more
  • The Secret to Lifelong Teeth Whitening
    Have you ever noticed your attention being instantly drawn to peoples’ teeth when they smile at you? Some people have dull and yellowing teeth, while others have teeth that appear Read more
  • Why Are We Recommending a Periodontal Consultation?
    The best way to protect yourself from gum disease is to be proactive: practice good oral hygiene at home and schedule regular checkups and cleanings in our Trenton, Michigan office. How Read more
  • Tips for Lifelong Teeth Whitening
    Over time, everyone’s teeth can naturally become dull, due to aging and consumption of staining foods such as chocolate and coffee. The good news is that teeth-whitening treatments can help Read more
  • Fall’s in the Air? Think Fall Dental Care
    Whether you already miss the sun’s bright rays, or can’t wait for some cool, crisp weather and colorful leaves, summer is making way for fall. And the change of seasons Read more
  • Here’s How Invisalign Treatment Works Here
    Invisalign is a method of correcting teeth alignment using a series of clear plastic aligners. It is the gold standard in orthodontics treatments, effectively creating millions of smiles over the Read more
  • What To Know About Dental Implant Treatment
    Misshapen, damaged or missing teeth can be a source of embarrassment and frustration for many people. Having gaps in your smile not only affects the way you look and feel, Read more
  • Are there foods that whiten teeth?
    Coffee. Blueberries. Red wine. Tomato sauce. They might please our palate, but they are notorious for staining our teeth. Luckily, nature has balanced the scales for us! Here are just Read more
  • Take Your Pick!
    Before electric toothbrushes, before dental floss, before fluoride rinses, in fact, before recorded history, people who cared about their dental health had one primary tool—the toothpick. Ancient bronze toothpicks, bejeweled Read more
  • My teeth feel great. Do I still need to see the dentist?
    Absolutely. Checking in with the doctor on a regular basis—usually every six months—is essential to keeping your smile looking its best. At Southshore Dental, we are proud to offer a Read more
  • Invisalign: Better Than Braces?
    Traditional braces aren’t the only way to correct teeth alignment. Along with metal braces, Invisalign is another treatment option to straighten your smile. If you’re feeling confused about deciding between Read more
  • September is National Gum Care Month!
    Can you believe it's already September? At Southshore Dental, we know that gingivitis, the early stage of periodontal disease, can be difficult to recognize. Many people don’t recognize the warning Read more
  • What Happens If You Never Take Off Your Braces?
    Dental braces are tools used in orthodontic treatment to help align and straighten teeth in order to improve the appearance and functionality. People invest in dental braces so they can correct Read more

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