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Dental Implant Failures can be Linked to Certain Health Issues

Dental implants are effective options for transforming tooth damage and to restore tooth loss. More patients are choosing dental implants as the best solution to restore their lost teeth. Because of the durability and ability to function just like the natural tooth, dental implants offer a higher success rate and better results. In a very rare case, dental implants can fail and become ineffective after a few months of treatment. 

This is why if you are planning to get dental implants, it is highly recommended that you first talk with a dental implant expert.

At Southshore Dental, we have the most experienced dental implant team in Trenton, Woodhaven, Wyandotte, Brownstown area, who can help you find the best dental implant option that works for you.

According to research and studies, rare failures of dental implants are related to peri-implantitis, which is a type of gum disease, or occur due to excessive pressure on the implants or can also cause certain health issues. While it may not be possible to eliminate all risks, you can still improve your chances of dental implant success by addressing the following areas of concern.

Improving your Overall Health

Your health has a huge impact on your dental health. If you have gone through cancer radiation treatment in the past or suffer from conditions such as poor immune system or osteoporosis, or under the influence of drugs or tobacco, the risk of dental implant failure increases. So the best option will be to improve your health or consider other treatment options.

Bone Health

Dental implants require the support of the bone for stability and proper setting. If you have been experiencing bone loss due to oral issues or missing teeth, you may have to go through bone grafting before getting the implant. If the damage is too severe that you will have to consider other treatment options. 

Care and Maintenance

The way you take care of your implants after the treatment is very important. While the implants remain unaffected by tooth decay, the supporting bone, gums, and adjacent teeth can get affected. This is why it’s important that you perform daily flossing and brushing and visit your dentist regularly. Without proper care, your implants fail over time.

If you are looking for dental implant experts in the Trenton, Michigan area, call Southshore Dental at 734-675-0585. We are ready to help make the smile of your dreams a reality.

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